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The same today as our very first day

H&H Bagels was founded in New York City in 1972. From the very beginning, we have used our original recipe and the same artisanal water bagel method to make our bagels.

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Our bagels start with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients sourced from around the world. Then they are proofed, kettle-boiled, bathed in cold water, and oven baked. Our original recipe and traditional process is what makes our bagels like no other bagel in the world.

After 50 years of perfecting the bagel we are now on a mission to share it far and wide. Boca Raton, you’re next!

“Soft, warm, and plump to perfection, a classic NYC morning staple...”

Mariah Carey

Featured on
“Best Bagels in NYC”


“I got the good bagels”

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

“One of the world’s greatest bagel purveyors”


The Process


Kettle Boiled


Oven Baked

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Iconic since 1972

Spotted H&H on the big screen? You may have seen us in Seinfeld, The
Office, Sex and the City, Entourage, You’ve Got Mail, How I Met Your Mother, and many more.